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  1. Active Bee Swarms/Hives Reporting Form

    Contact the Fire Department at 911 IMMEDIATELY to report multiple stinging incidents. Use this form to report active bee swarms/hives.... More…

  2. Filming Permit Online Form
  3. Police Explorer Program Application

    Application & Screening Questionnaire

  4. Request an Inspection

    Online request for an inspection.

  5. Request for Public Records

    City of San Gabriel Request for Public Records

  1. Change of Address Portal

    Please submit the complete Change of Address form. Processing is approximately 3-5 weeks.

  2. Neighborhood Watch Newsletter Subscription

    Subscribe to receive monthly newsletters from the San Gabriel Police Department.

  3. Property Release Request

    Property Release Request

  4. Request for Police Report

    Request for a Police Report Online

  5. Tree Removal/Trimming Application