What are the steps or stages of the selection process?

Although the process might vary slightly depending on the position and the needs of the organization, these are the typical steps for a full-time position recruitment process: Step 1:Application materials are accepted until the closing date listed on the job announcement. Please note that applications must be submitted online at jobs.sangabrielcity.com by the indicated deadline. Step 2:After the closing date, all applications will be reviewed and narrowed down to the top candidates. This process typically takes approximately one month, but can take longer or shorter depending on the recruitment. Step 3:A 1st Interview will be held for the top candidates. All applicants, whether selected for an interview or not, will be contacted by the Human Resources Department, either by phone, email, or U.S. Postal Mail. The 1st interview is typically a panel interview, with 3-4 raters. There may be a practical exam as well, and might occur simultaneously with the 1st interviews or later in the process. Step 4:Typically, the Human Resources Department will assemble an Eligibility List at this point, based on the results of the 1st interviews, and will notify all candidates of their status on the Eligibility List. (Being on an Eligibility List for a given position means that you might be called for further consideration at any point during the life of the List, which is typically one year.) Step 5:A 2nd interview will be held for the top candidates of the Eligibility List. Please note that being on the Eligibility List is not a guarantee of further consideration. The 2nd interview is typically more informal and with only 1-2 panelists, often including the appropriate department head or supervisor of the vacant position. A practical exam (noted above) may occur at this point. Step 6:After 2nd Interviews, reference checks are typically conducted, and a preliminary job offer is made, contingent on successful passage of a pre-employment physical. Please keep in mind that this is only an example of a typical process, and that the steps may vary significantly for different recruitments, depending on the needs of the position, and that it may take several weeks to proceed from one step to the next. Rest assured though, we won’t forget about you!

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6. What are the steps or stages of the selection process?
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