Can I set up a business in my home? What are the requirements/restrictions?
Yes, home-based businesses, or home occupations are permitted in the city, but there are some restrictions.

First, all home-based businesses need a business license. Information and a business license application can be obtained by calling the Finance Department at 626-308-2812.

Second, a home occupation should not change the residential use or character of the home. Typically, a home occupation is used as an office for maintaining mail addresses, provided that no stock-in-trade, supplies, parts, manufacturing and assembly equipment or materials, and chemicals are kept on the premises; no employees or assistants work on the premises, and no on-premises sales to customers are conducted at the home.

Additionally, all home occupations shall comply with the following:
  1. Delivery and shipment of materials from the home occupation shall be by the United States Postal Service, or private delivery services generally recognized to make deliveries in residential neighborhoods. Deliveries or pickups by commercial vehicles containing three or more axles shall be prohibited

  2. No home occupation shall generate any traffic, parking, sewerage, or water use in excess of what is normal for a residential use.

  3. No home occupation may emit any smoke or emission that is visible to the naked eye or that violates any standards established by the South Coast Air Quality Management District and the California Air Resources Board.

  4. No home occupation may violate the noise standards contained in the Municipal Code. No home occupation may generate any obnoxious or adverse odor that can be detected beyond the boundary of the premises.

  5. No home occupation may generate any ground-transmitted vibration that is perceptible to the human sense of touch measured at the outside boundary of the lot or individual space.

  6. No home occupation may create any electrical disturbance that adversely affects any operations, equipment, appliances, communications devices, or other electrical devices other than those of the creator of such disturbances.

If you have additional questions about running a home based business, please contact the Planning Division staff for assistance. Staff Directory

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