What is a variance and how do I apply for one?
A variance is an exception to land use regulations. A request for a variance is the process by which an applicant can seek a deviation from the zoning and development regulations for a property. When unnecessary hardships or the inability to develop the property occur from a strict interpretation of the zoning code, a property owner may apply for a variance.

The Planning Commission is the hearing body for a variance and must make strict findings of fact in order to approve a variance. The burden of proof is on the person applying for the variance to demonstrate that an unusual hardship exists due to the physical characteristics of the property. The Planning Commission cannot consider financial hardships when deciding on a variance. To apply for a variance, ask the Planning Division to help you fill out the Development Review Application Checklist. It will help you determine exactly what is required.

To review the form, click the link below.
Development Review Application Checklist

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