What things does the code cover?
It is a violation of the San Gabriel Municipal Code to have any of the following:
  • An inoperable vehicle in public view
  • Abandoned or Inoperable Vehicle
  • Dilapidated structures
  • Flaking house paint
  • Graffiti
  • Holiday lights installed year round
  • Junk & debris stored on private property
  • Obstructions in the public right of way
  • Open & abandoned buildings
  • Overgrown weeds and vegetation
  • Sign Violations
To learn more about the San Gabriel Municipal Code and what it covers, please select the link below. San Gabriel Municipal Code

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1. Who do I call to report an unsafe or substandard residential property?
2. What things does the code cover?
3. How do I report a problem?
4. What is the process for resolving a violation?
5. Can I file a code enforcement report anonymously?
6. Can I convert my garage to a living space?
7. When do I have to remove my trash cans from public view?
8. What training and certifications does NIS staff have?
9. Why does it take so long for code enforcement officers to resolve complaints?
10. What can I do if I get a notice and do not understand the violation?
11. What are the consequences of failing to comply once you have been issued a Notice of Violation?