Permits & Licenses

Dance Permit

All persons, associations, or organizations must obtain a permit from the Chief of Police before conducting any dance activities in the City of San Gabriel. A permit is not required if the dance is held in a public cafe or restaurant that has a valid city business license and a valid dance permit issued by the city council or if the dance is held at a private residence for occupants or invited guests.

An application for a dance permit must be completed and filed with the San Gabriel Police Department at least fifteen (15) days before the dance is to be held. 

Permit applications may be obtained by contacting Officer Gilbert Lee at the San Gabriel Police Department, 625 S. Del Mar Avenue, San Gabriel, CA 91776 or by calling (626) 308-2843. 

Security Requirements

You will be required to obtain security officers for your dance before a permit can be approved. During the application process, SGPD will advise the number of security officers required, determined based on the number of guests, the type of dance, and whether alcohol will be provided. 

Security officers may be obtained from one of the private security companies licensed to do business in San Gabriel. You must bring a contract or receipt from the company you hire showing the number of officers obtained and the hours they will provide security. For a list of licensed companies, contact the San Gabriel Police Department's Administrative Services Bureau at (626) 308-2843. 

You may also request that security be provided by the San Gabriel Police Department. The cost for an officer is $45.00 per hour and is subject to availability. 

Business License Requirements

Any person conducting a dance for which an admission fee is charged must obtain a business license from San Gabriel City Hall, 532 W. Mission Drive, San Gabriel. A business license may not be required of charitable and non-profit organizations if evidence is furnished to the Director of Finance. 

Alcohol Requirements

If alcohol is going to be sold at your dance, you must also obtain a permit from the State of California Alcoholic Beverage Control.


Before a dance permit can be issued, you must also pay an application fee of $142.00 to the City of San Gabriel to cover the cost of processing the application.


Massage Operator Permits (First Time and Renewal)

After paying for the permit at City Hall, please call Officer Lee at (626) 308-2843 to make an appointment. 

Bring the following to your appointment:

  • Completed application
  • Payment receipt from City Hall's Finance Department
  • Driver’s license
  • CAMTC card (If you do not have a CAMTC Card, you may receive a permit but you are not allowed to perform any massage services)
  • Proof of residence (eg. utility bill) Note: Vehicle registration or Insurance is not a valid form to provide proof of your residence.