Patrol Bureau 


Patrol officers respond to all calls for service from the community. Some of the situations handled daily by patrol officers are traffic collisions, disturbances, domestic violence incidents, crime reports, and checking out suspicious persons and vehicles. Patrol Officers are also responsible for traffic enforcement and preventative policing. As part of a new program by the Chief of Police, all sworn officers are assigned a school in the city where they do frequent check-ins with the students and staff members.

Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau investigates a wide range of crimes, including crimes against persons, burglary, fraud, identity theft, narcotics violations, juvenile offenses, and a host of others. The Detective Bureau conducts follow-up investigations and prepares cases for court prosecutors to deliver justice to crime victims. The Special Enforcement Team (SET), which focuses on operations such as vice, narcotics, gangs, and surveillance, is also under the Detective Bureau.

Traffic Bureau 


The Traffic Bureau investigates all reported traffic collisions that occur in the City. When an initial report is taken at the scene by patrol officers, it is forwarded to the Traffic Bureau for further investigation. The Traffic Bureau also identifies areas in the city where an abnormal amount of collisions and vehicle code violations take place. These areas are evaluated to determine if a change can be made to reduce the number of collisions and violations. The Bureau may also implement heavy traffic enforcement to reduce these collisions and violations. The Traffic Bureau is also responsible for scheduling and deploying DUI checkpoints and/or DUI saturation patrols.

Recruitment and Training Bureau  


The Administrative Services Division, under the direct command of the Chief of Police, is responsible for overseeing the Department’s policies and procedures, providing internal and external communication regarding department matters and events. The Personnel and Training Bureau ensures that all officers are receiving updated training according to POST standards allowing our department to have the best-trained officers we can provide to our community. This bureau also deals with the hiring and backgrounds of all employment applicants for our Department.

Personnel and Training Bureau 
(626) 308-2843

Interest Cards are being taken on a continuous basis.

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Dispatch Bureau

Our Police Dispatchers maintain contact with all units on assignment; maintain the status and location of field units; maintain a daily log of all field calls and units dispatched; receive incoming telephone, teletype, and radio calls; operate standard office equipment; act as police matron (female dispatchers only) in booking, searching, and transporting female prisoners as required; and performs other duties as required. Emergency call-taking and dispatching is a fast-paced and high-stress job. Our Dispatchers thrive under pressure, are brilliant multi-taskers, and possess strong typing and data entry skills. Our Dispatchers work in partnership with all citizens to establish and maintain community peace and enhance the quality of community life. 

Records Bureau

The Records Bureau personnel are responsible for data entry of all police reports into law enforcement databases, the maintenance of police files, and assisting the public. The Records Bureau is an essential function of the Police Department in providing service to the community at the front lobby and by telephone. In addition to assisting the general public, Records Bureau personnel assist sworn personnel with report management and subpoena oversight.

Other Assignments


The San Gabriel Police Department offers a wide variety of special assignments for sworn officers. The San Gabriel Police Department contributes one officer to the AB 109 Task Force and one officer to the Department of Homeland Security. The San Gabriel Police Department also has a Bicycle Response Team that is utilized for community events, crime suppression, and other functional needs. The Department also has a Mental Health Team that is comprised of an officer and a Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health Clinician. The San Gabriel Police Department also has several Range Masters who ensure officers are qualified to use their firearms and provide continuous training. In addition, Use of Force Instructors provides continuous training to officers on defensive tactics and the use of all their defensive equipment such as their Taser, OC spray, Batons, and Hobble devices. This training ensures officers make the right decisions in the field when the use of force is necessary.