How to Develop a Residential Property

There are multiple residential zoning districts in the City of San Gabriel. Each has development standards that can be found under the Land Use and Zoning Section.

Below are the steps for common developments in the City.

New House and/or Addition - Site Plan Review

  1. Application and fees submitted.
  2. Staff review to determine application completeness, code compliance and design issues.
  3. Comments mailed to applicant.
  4. Applicant resubmits revised plans.
  5. IF APPROVED- Proceed and submit for building plan check. Copy the SPR letter and conditions of approval to the set of plans. Otherwise, revise and resubmit, staff review.
  6. Obtain building permits.
  7. Request Building Division inspection.
  8. Request Planning Division framing inspection.
  9. Request all final inspections from all departments/divisions.
  10. IF DENIED - Can appeal to Community Development Director within 10 business days.

Condominium Development - Precise Plan of Design

  1. Planning staff meets with applicant and reviews developmental review application and information requirements for application submittal.
  2. Application and fees submitted.
  3. Staff review to determine application completeness, code compliance and any other issues related to the project.
  4. Comments mailed to applicant finding the application complete or incomplete for further processing.
  5. Applicant resubmits revised plans and/or complete application.
  6. Once complete, staff schedules application for tentative date for Design Review Commission public hearing.
  7. Staff researches the project, prepares CEQA review, and prepares staff report with conditions of approval for public hearing.
  8. Mitigated Negative Declaration or Negative Declaration is advertised in the Pasadena Star News and posted at L.A. County 20 calendar days before public hearing, if applicable.
  9. Precise Plan of Design is presented to the Design Review Commission at public hearing.
  10. IF APPROVED - Approval letter and final conditions of approval mailed to applicant. Applicant and property owner shall sign and submit affidavit accepting conditions of approval within 5 calendar days.
  11. Submit for building plan check.
  12. Copy the approval letter and conditions of approval onto the set of plans, if applicable.
  13. Obtain building permits and construct project, if applicable
  14. Request Building Division inspection, if applicable
  15. Request Planning Division framing inspection, if applicable.
  16. Request all final inspections from all departments/divisions, if applicable.
  17. IF DENIED - Can appeal to City Council within 10 business days.