Solid Waste & Recycling

Solid Waste Disposal

Athens Services is the exclusive franchised solid waste hauler for all solid waste in the city. Athens provides residential service, commercial service, and temporary bin service. The Athens Services contract is administered by the Public Works Department, and the Finance Department.


You can contact Athens Services at (888) 336-6100.

Solid Waste Metal Roll-Off Bin Permits

A permit is required for any bin being placed in the public right of way. Large metal trash bins located on private property that are totally outside the public right of way do not require a permit. Residents can come to the counter at City Hall to obtain a permit for placing a bin in the right of way. This permit can also be used for temporary placement of storage containers or PODS-type moving containers. 

Mandatory Commercial Recycling

The City partners with our franchised waste hauler, Athens Services, to ensure that we are compliant with Assembly Bill (AB) 341. In October 2011, Governor Brown signed AB 341 into law setting a 75 percent recycling goal for California by Year 2020. AB 341 also requires all commercial entities that generate four or more cubic yards of waste each week, and all multi-family dwellings with five or more units, to arrange for recycling services. All San Gabriel businesses and multi-family dwellings are already in compliance with this mandate. Athens Services provides its customers the convenience of using a single bin for all materials generated. Athens delivers the material to their Materials Recovery Facility, where recyclables are separated from waste, ensuring AB 341 compliance. As a result, commercial and residential customers in San Gabriel enjoy the benefits of the most convenient, efficient, and economical single bin recycling method. For more information about California's Recycling Mandate, please visit:

Athens Services