Redevelopment Agency Dissolution

Dissolution of the San Gabriel Redevelopment Agency

On December 29, 2011, the California Supreme Court ruled in the redevelopment litigation – CRA vs. Matosantos – upholding AB XI 26 which abolished redevelopment agencies and striking down AB XI 27 that would have allowed agencies to survive if they contributed money to the State. As a consequence of the ruling, redevelopment agencies were dissolved on February 1, 2012. The City of San Gabriel elected to serve as the Successor Agency to the former Redevelopment Agency.

Redevelopment Agency History

The San Gabriel Redevelopment Agency (“Agency”) was authorized under State law to undertake a wide variety of activities and programs to promote the long term economic vitality of the community. The Agency accomplished this goal by eliminating blighting influences, encouraging private sector investment, and improving public infrastructure and facilities. The Agency also assisted in developing available properties for resale to a redeveloper, entering into contractual agreements with existing property and business owners where the Agency provided financial or other assistance, and preparing plans and technical studies to facilitate redevelopment.

In addition, the Agency was responsible for increasing, preserving, and improving the number of housing units for individuals and families at affordable rates. The Agency was required to set aside a portion of its tax increment revenues for this purpose, as well as, to undertake steps to ensure that there is an adequate number of decent, safe, and sanitary housing in the community available to these income groups in the proportions required by Redevelopment Law and dictated by the needs of the community.

The City Council adopted the East San Gabriel Commercial Development Project Area (“Project Area”) on December 21, 1993, by Ordinance No. 418. It represented the only redevelopment project in the City. The Project Area encompassed an estimated 143.75 acres located generally along the frontage of Las Tunas Drive between California Street and the eastern City boundary, and the frontage along San Gabriel Boulevard between Elm Avenue and Central Avenue. View map of the former Project Area. View the former 2010-14 Implementation Redevelopment Plan. 

Design Guidelines for the former Redevelopment Project Area

Design standards and guidelines are meant to encourage development that accommodates its users’ needs while contributing to an attractive environment. For businesses, this leads to a vibrant setting, recognizing that good design is good business. View the citywide design guidelines which apply in the former Project Area as well.