Neighborhood Improvement Services (Code Enforcement)

The Neighborhood Improvement Services Division (Code Enforcement) is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in the City of San Gabriel by enforcing City and State codes. These codes are essential in keeping the City of San Gabriel safe and maintaining a neat and orderly appearance. Our dedicated and professionally trained officers are focused on serving the community by performing community outreach, promoting health & safety, and undertaking fair and impartial enforcement efforts. The division also establishes community priorities for enforcement programs and empower community self-help programs. We are reachable at (626) 308-2806.

Neighborhood Improvement Services is focused on property maintenance, building without permits, illegal dumping, commercial signage, massage establishment inspections, NPDES storm water pollution, zoning, illegal tree removal/trimming, business regulations, trash can storage, and general nuisances.

We do not handle reports of narcotics, loud parties, trespassing or any life safety issues. These are issues handled by the San Gabriel Police Department.

See how Neighborhood Improvement Services works with property owners to improve property conditions:

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