Fire Prevention

Firefighter with youthThe San Gabriel Fire Prevention Bureau’s mission statement is to provide the community of San Gabriel with a fire-safe environment through: 

  • Inspection and fire code enforcement in existing structures, including annual inspection of high-rise buildings, hospitals, and assemblies as mandated by state regulations.
  • Operation of a fire permits system to allow regulation of permitted activities and processes under the Fire Code.
  • Annual inspections of schools and plan check for new construction at schools for access and water supplies.
  • Life safety inspections for State licensed care and daycare facilities.
  • Participation in the Community Action Team activities to remove blight from our neighborhoods.
  • Fire inspections to ensure fire protection, building code, and safety standards enforcement in new construction and tenant improvement.
  • Efforts to encourage fire safe construction activities by inspection and plan check of access to sites for emergency equipment, and to ensure the availability of water supplies.
  • Plan check and plan review service for all fire system plans.
  • Inspection and testing of all fire sprinkler systems and fire alarm systems for commercial and residential buildings.
  • Knox Box program which controls emergency access to gates, buildings, and other secured areas for fire emergencies and medical emergencies.
  • Life safety and fire safety review, inspection and standby service for special events, including plan check, site approval for pyrotechnical demonstrations, movie lot locations, concerts, sports, and festival events.
  • Fire- and life-safety education for the residents of San Gabriel.