Fraud Warning

Don't Get Ripped Off!

Beware of Fraudulent Fire Inspectors

The San Gabriel Fire Department conducts fire inspections in all City of San Gabriel businesses once per calendar year. Business owners should not let anyone inspect their fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler systems, kitchen hood systems, or fire alarm systems unless requested to do so by the business owner.

All City of San Gabriel Fire Department personnel will be in uniform, have a distinctive badge, and carry a city-issued photo ID while conducting life-safety inspections.

Fire protection companies do not have the authority to require a business to have any work performed if they visit your business.

Fire Protection Business & Professional Requirements

When someone enters your business to perform any type of fire protection work, they must do three things before you should even consider retaining their services:
  • They must tell you what company they are from, why they are in your business, and produce a business card.
  • They must tell you what they intend to do and what the estimated costs are before they do anything. Do not pay for services in cash.
  • They must leave any parts that they have replaced and you have been charged for. The must also leave you an itemized and signed invoice. Carefully read anything that you are asked to sign, especially when it has to do with invoicing.


You can always refuse service at any time. You can request a San Gabriel Fire Department Inspector to visit your business. We will gladly advise of any needed service.

The San Gabriel Fire Department will never ask for or require any payment for service when we visit your business. All transactions are conducted at the San Gabriel City Hall and will include a receipt.

Thank you for your assistance in combating fraud. If you have any questions or concerns regarding inspections, feel free to contact us at (626) 308-2883.