Garage Sale Permits

 Any person wishing to have a garage sale must obtain a permit prior to holding the sale. 

Obtaining a Garage Sale Permit: Garage sale permits may be obtained in person at San Gabriel City Hall on any day prior to the garage sale.  Please note, City Hall is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Cost of the Permit: The cost for the garage sale permit is $12 per permit. The permit is valid for two consecutive days. 

Refunds: There are no refunds for garage sale permits; however, you may reschedule once within a six-month period at no additional costs. To reschedule, you must cancel an approved garage sale permit. Please contact City Hall the following business day after the approved garage sale permit day.

Regarding Estate Sales: If a company is hired to facilitate an estate sale on a resident’s behalf, not only is a garage sale permit required but the company hired to run the estate sale must obtain a city business license as well.

Any resident of San Gabriel conducting a garage sale in the city shall comply with the following: 

  • The city permit must be displayed at the site of the sale at all times.
  • Sale shall not exceed two consecutive days.
  • Permitted to hold two garage sales each year and must be six months apart.
  • Estate sale is considered to be the same as a garage sale, yard sale, etc. 
  • Only used merchandise may be sold.

The complete rules and regulations for signage, hours of the sale, placement of merchandise and other regulations may be found on the permit or in the City of San Gabriel Municipal Code 124.016.
 Please call 626-308-2812
 for further information.