Fire Stations 51 & 52


Fire EngineThe San Gabriel Fire Department provides services out of two stations, strategically located to provide efficient response to all areas of the city. Each station is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to respond to calls for service.

Fire Station 51, located at 1303 S. Del Mar Avenue is the San Gabriel Headquarters Station.  It is home to the Administration, EMS, Fire Prevention and Training Divisions. Resources in place at station 51 include  Battalion 5, Paramedic Engine 51, Rescue Ambulance RA 51, and USAR 51.   

Fire Station 52 is located at 115 N. Del Mar Avenue, north of Las Tunas Drive. Paramedic Engine 52 is assigned to this station.

The Fire Station provides for the needs of the firefighters and the community that they serve. It also serves as living quarters for on-duty firefighters, in addition to a safe, secure location to house the state-of-the-art fire apparatus.


AppartusSan Gabriel Firefighters are on duty for 48 continuous hours, followed by an off-duty period of 96 hours. They live in the station for two days at a time, and uses tation features such as a kitchen, locker room, and dorm rooms to be constantly ready to jump into action. Firefighters are responsible for cleaning and repairing the station's facilities as well.

Fire Station facilities are also utilized for community functions such as polling places, safe surrender locations, and Emergency Operations Center operations.