Land Use & Zoning Information

San Gabriel General Plan

General Plan 2004: Ingredients for Success 
General Plan Land Use Map
2013-2021 Housing Element Update
2021-2029 Housing Element Update

Zoning Code

Chapter 153 - Zoning Code 
Citywide Zoning Map

Specific Plans

Mission District Specific Plan
Mission District Specific Plan - Zoning Map
Valley Boulevard Neighborhoods Sustainability Plan (Specific Plan)
Valley Boulevard Specific Plan - Zoning Map

Residential Zones - Development Standards

R-1 Development Standards
R-2 Development Standards
R-3 Development Standards

Commercial Zones - Development Standards

C-1, C-3 and M-1 Development Standards
C-1, C-3 and M-1 Use Regulations
Commercial Parking Requirements

​San Gabriel Street Tree Master Plan 

The goal of the Street Tree Master Plan is to enhance and preserve the qualities of San Gabriel's distinct neighborhoods and commercial corridors by establishing recommended sets of trees for each area of the City.