Housing Element Update 2021-2029

The City of San Gabriel is updating its Housing Element in the City's General Plan to meet the housing needs of the community and invites the public to participate in this dialogue. Opportunities to review and comment on the draft Housing Element will take place in summer 2021.

As required by State law, the City has to update its Housing Element every eight years. When completed, the plan is submitted to the State of California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) for review and approval. The Housing Element examines the City’s existing housing stock and demographic trends and assesses the future housing needs of San Gabriel’s residents, including special-need populations like the elderly, the disabled and female-headed households. The Housing Element identifies vacant and underutilized sites in the City on which new housing could be built. It also looks at constraints that may exist to the production of new housing and how the City can work to remove them.

The Housing Element includes a Housing Action Plan that sets forth a wide range of programs proposed by the City to encourage new housing construction for all income levels and preserve existing affordable housing.

Project Timeline

The project is expected to take approximately one year to complete, with a draft of the Housing Element 2021-2019 completed by October 15, 2021. Due to social distancing protocols associated with COVID-19, all public hearings and workshops will be conducted virtually until further notice. Please continue to check back for more information about meeting dates, times, and format.

January 2021: Lisa Wise Consulting Inc. (LWC) selected as consulting firm to prepare the City's Housing Element.

January 2021: Project begins

February - March 2021: Consultant team will conduct data collection, technical studies, and issues evaluation

March - May 2021: Consultant team will evaluate residential land inventory of the City

April 12, 2021: Virtual Planning Commission (PC) Outreach Workshop #1. You can view the meeting on City's YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/cityofsangabriel

Planning Commission Agenda

Outreach Workshop #1 Summary

May 10, 2021: Virtual Planning Commission (PC) Outreach Workshop #2. You can view the meeting on City's YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/cityofsangabriel

2021-2029 Housing Element - Preliminary Report

Housing Element Compliance and Non-Compliance

Outreach Workshop #2 Summary

- May - August 2021: Consultant team will prepare the draft Housing Element.

September 2021: Public meeting: Planning Commission (specific date TBD)

October 2021: Public meeting: City Council (specific date TBD)

February 2022: Project completion

How to Participate

Do you have information about housing needs in San Gabriel that you’d like to share? There are several ways you can participate:

(1) Participate in public meetings of the Planning Commission and City Council

(2) Participate in a public workshop

(3) You can also contact the City directly to share information: Planning Division - Matt Chang, mchang@sgch.org

Thank you! Your input and participation are instrumental to the success of this project.