Historic Context Statement

Project Summary

The City of San Gabriel is embarking upon the preparation of its first citywide Historic Context Statement. A team of historians from Architectural Resources Group (ARG) will be completing this project over the next year in close collaboration with City staff, the Historic Preservation and Cultural Resource Commission, the San Gabriel City Council, and members of the community. The Historic Context Statement will establish a framework for the evaluation of significant architectural, historical, and cultural resources in the City, and can be used as the basis for historic resources surveys in the future.

Project Timeline

The project is expected to take approximately one year to complete, with a final draft of the Historic Context Statement completed by September 2021. Due to social distancing protocols associated with COVID-19, all public hearings and workshops will be conducted remotely until further notice. Please continue to check back for more information about meeting dates, times, and format.

September 2020: Project begins

October 21, 2020: Public meeting: Historic Preservation and Cultural Resource Commission (HPCRC) at 6:30 p.m. This will be a remote meeting, you can view the meeting on City's YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/cityofsangabriel 

Fall 2020: Consultant team will conduct historical research and review public input

November 2020: Public workshop (specific date TBD)

Winter 2020: Consultant team will complete a reconnaissance survey of the City

January 2021: Public meeting: HPCRC (specific date TBD)

Spring - Summer 2021: Consultant team will prepare the Historic Context Statement

May 2021: Public meeting: HPCRC (specific date TBD)

August 2021: Public meeting: HPCRC (specific date TBD)

September 2021: Project completion

How to Participate

Do you have information about the history of San Gabriel that you’d like to share? There are several ways you can participate:

(1) Attend one of the four public meetings of the HPCRC

(2) Attend the public workshop

(3) You can also contact the City directly to share information: Planning Division - Matt Chang, mchang@sgch.org

Public Information Submittal Form

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please see FAQ here.

Thank you! Your input and participation are instrumental to the success of this project.