Council Meeting Center

City council meetings

To practice social distancing, City Hall is closed to the public and physical access to the meeting has been suspended. To provide members of the public access to the meeting and an opportunity to comment on items on and off the agenda, the following opportunities have been established:

Public Comments 

Please email all public comments to and include the following on the subject line of your email: the section (Public Comment, Consent, Public Hearing, New Business) and Item number you are commenting on. The Clerk will read public comments into the record for up to the three-minute limit. Words that would disrupt the meeting, including profanity, obscenity, and discriminatory language, will not be read.

Example: PUBLIC COMMENT: New Business Item A

As the comment section for an item begins, the Clerk will announce, "The time for submitting comments on this item has now closed," after which staff will begin reading comments. This is to account for delays related to the use of streaming technology and to ensure that all who wish to submit comments to Council have their comments read.

Watch the Meeting Online

Live broadcasts of the meetings are available here.


You may access City Council meeting agendas here.