Zone Violations

Illegal Concrete Front Yard

What are some common Zoning Violations?

Residential Properties: 

Please do not park anywhere outside of driveway leading to the garage it is not allowed (even if the areas outside the driveway are paved) see the lawn parking brochure located at the top right hand corner of this page further information.

Do not park or store inoperable or dismantled vehicles on your property except in an enclosed garage out of public view these create a nuisance in the community.   

Do not leave trash cans on the street except for one day before and one day after your pickup days; do not store trash cans in the front yard/public view.

Do not store items scheduled for pick up earlier than the scheduled pick up date. (Property Maintain Standards click here

Please do not collect items in the front porch (unless it is patio furniture). 

Properly maintain vacant properties of all overgrown dry/dead vegetation, junk/trash and debris. Vacant properties attract such as well as transients please make sure to file a no trespass form with the San Gabriel PD in order to avoid trespassing and/or squatters. (link for form) It is the owners responsibility to maintain the home even if vacant and/or on the market.

How to Park a Vehicle Legally

If you have more vehicles registered to the property than the ones able to fit in the garage and driveway, you can obtain an overnight parking permit for the street. Lawn parking is a common violation throughout the City of San Gabriel. (Lawn Parking Brochure can be found here

Neighborhood Improvement Services (Code Enforcement) also enforces the violations below in addition to lot coverage. 

Violations Include:

  • Parking vehicles on your front lawn grass, dirt, etc.
  • Parking on any extension of a paved surface in the front yard (i.e. tiles, concrete, bricks)
  • Adding concrete or other non-plant life materials to your property without having your lot coverage checked by the Planning Division.
  • Parking abandoned, inoperable, and/or dismantled vehicles in view of the public or neighbors.

Interested in reducing water usage for your front lawn? The answer is not to cover the front lawn with rocks or other materials.

Please contact the Planning Division at City Hall to verify you will not exceed lot coverage and the material is acceptable. Even if you are approved to pour concrete or add other materials, this does NOT mean you are allowed to park on it. 

In addition to these two percentages, properties can add up to 15% of other materials like bark, rocks, tile, etc. If approved to add any materials to the front yard still does not mean a vehicle can park on it.


Maximum Lot Coverage Percentage (%)

R-1 Single-Family

35% maximum of lot covered

R-2 Multi-Family

55% maximum of lot covered

R-3 Multi-Family

60% maximum of lot covered

Ground Cover Materials

15% maximum of required landscaping

Municipal Code Sections


(D)   Parking aircraft, boats, or vehicles.  No person shall park any aircraft, boat, or vehicle, or any component thereof, for any purpose in any front or side yard on any lot in the residential zones except in a driveway area.  The parking of such aircraft, boat, or vehicle shall be permitted in rear yards or side yards if such area is completely enclosed by view-obscuring walls not less than six feet in height or by the exterior walls of a building or buildings which completely obscure such aircraft, boat, or vehicle from the view of persons on public streets or other adjacent properties.

153.037  FRONT YARDS.

(C)   Permitted uses in front yard.  The following uses shall be permitted in the required front yard areas, but shall not exceed 15 feet in height:

         (1)   Open, unenclosed platforms, or landing places not covered by a roof, awning, or canopy provided it shall not extend or project into the front yard more than six feet, nor be more than six inches in height above adjacent ground level.

         (2)   Fountains, flag poles, statues and decorative ponds.

         (3)   Walkways not more than 42 inches in width directly connecting a sidewalk and/or driveway with an entry to the main residential unit.

         (4)   Driveways shall be no greater than 12 feet in width leading from the street to a garage, except that a driveway 20 feet in width is permissible, provided the garage is adjacent, attached or detached and parallel in the front of the principal dwelling with the entrance to the garage parallel to the street.

(D)   Prohibited uses in front and street side yard areas.  The following shall be prohibited in the required front yard and street side yard areas:

         (1)   Parking areas for vehicles.

         (2)   Accessory structures.

INCORRECT - Exceeds 35%

Single-Family Exceeding 35% Lot Coverage

CORRECT - Under 35%

Single-Family Correct Lot Coverage

INCORRECT - Exceeds 55%

Multi-Family Exceeding 55% Lot Coverage

CORRECT - Under 55%

Multi-Family Correct Lot Coverage