Trash & Illegal Dumping

Issue/Concern Contact
To schedule a bulky item pickup Athens Services
(888) 336-6100
To report items illegally dumped Neighborhood Improvement Services
(626) 308-2826
To report ACTIVE illegal dumping San Gabriel Police Department
(626) 308-2828
E-waste and hazardous waste Countywide Hazardous Waste
(888) 253-2652

Schedule a Bulky Item Pickup

It's easy to keep our city clean. Just call Athens Services at 888.336.6100 or go schedule an appointment online and they will come pick up your bulky item for free. This includes single-family and multiple-family properties. Apartment and condo tenants can call for pick-ups too!

  1. Bulky Items (furniture, refrigerators, mattresses, etc.) - 2 items each week for free. Additional items for a fee.
  2. E-Waste (computers, printers, TVs, etc.) - 2 items per year for free. Additional items for a fee.
  3. Not accepted - hazardous materials, oils, tires, paints, etc. Please contact Countywide Hazardous Waste Roundup at (888) CLEAN LA.

Illegal Dumping

Old couches, TVs, mattresses and other bulky items left on the curb make our city look dirty. And discarding your bulky items in the right of way is also illegal - it can result in a fine up to $1,000. Dumping items and trash illegally is a misdemeanor and violators will be prosecuted. 

If you receive a red tag on an item or your front door, please contact Athens Services to schedule a bulky item pick-up and remove the item until the day of scheduled pick-up. Property owners are responsible for the conditions in front of their property. 

Athens Services will pick up two bulky items per week for free, per request by phone or online

Let's work together to reduce illegal dumping by informing your neighbors of the process and contacting Athens as soon as you see an item in front of your property. 

Tips to Reduce Illegal Dumping

For property owners who want to reduce illegal dumping in front of or near their property, we have listed some tips below to help. Just like some other crimes, it can be difficult to completely stop it from happening, but we can work together to reduce it to the fullest extent. 

  • Install real or fake security cameras to help catch who is doing the dumping.
  • Install "No Dumping" signs around your property. These are commonly found at hardware stores and there are many affordable options on Amazon.
  • Keep the exterior of the property well lit to help reduce illegal dumping and other crimes.
  • Report items as soon as you see them. If it is in front of your property, call Athens Service to schedule a pickup. If you see it somewhere else, please contact NIS at (626) 308-2826.

If you see someone ACTIVELY dumping anywhere in the City of San Gabriel, please call the non-emergency number at the San Gabriel Police Department (626) 308-2828 to report the violation. This can help us stop repeat violators.