Community Academy Breakout Session

An abridged version of the Community Academy, the Breakout Sessions take place toward the end of the year (usually starting in late August). Some of the same information from the full-length class is also covered here. There will be two Breakout Sessions offered per year.

Breakout Sessions are shorter informational classes, offered for those who do not wish to submit an application or complete a background check. Each Breakout Session is 6-weeks long and does not require an application. All are welcome. We offer one 6-week session in Chinese, and a second 6-week session in English.  This year, we will offer the two Breakout Sessions in English and Spanish. The Breakout Sessions are open to everyone and you can join us for as many or as few sessions as you would like. We aim to make each session as informative and convenient as possible.

The San Gabriel Police Department’s goal is to engage with all member of the community. Everyone is welcome! It is important to note that the full-length Community Academy also includes translation in Chinese and Spanish. We hope to be able to offer additional languages in the near future.