700-800 S. San Gabriel Blvd. (Pacific Square MIXED-USE PROJECT)

PS1CEQA Update for Pacific Square Project

The City will serve as Lead Agency and will prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Pacific Square San Gabriel mixed-use project at 700-800 South San Gabriel Boulevard.  A public scoping meeting was held on September 19, 2018 at City Hall to receive public comments regarding the scope and content of the environmental analysis to be included in the Draft EIR.  

The City of San Gabriel continues to welcome and will consider all written comments regarding potential environmental impacts of the project and issues to be addressed in the EIR.  Written comments must be submitted to the Planning Division by September 28, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. Written comments will also be accepted at the public scoping meeting.

To view the Notice of Preparation filed with the County Recorder, click here.  
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The proposed project would result in the construction of a new mixed-use development on an approximately 5.85-acre (255,000 SF) site that would contain residential uses, commercial uses, and publicly accessible open space areas.  The project site is bound by Grand Avenue (to the south), Gladys Avenue (to the east), El Monte Boulevard (to the north), and San Gabriel Boulevard (to the west).  The project site was previously occupied by the San Gabriel Nursery & Florist.  The project site is currently vacant with no existing structures.  

The proposed project would develop a total of approximately 493,225 SF of residential and commercial uses, as well as open space and other publicly accessible areas.  The north part of the project site fronting El Monte Street is identified as the 700 Plaza, while the southern part of the project site fronting on Grand Avenue is identified as the 800 Plaza.  The 700 Plaza would include 102 residential condominiums units and 38,383 SF of commercial space (restaurant, retail, and fitness center).  The 800 Plaza would contain 141 residential condominium units and 41,604 SF of commercial space (restaurant, retail and grocery market).  In total, there would be 243 units (413,238 SF) and 79,987 SF of commercial uses.  

Both buildings would be connected by a publicly accessible Central Park and outdoor plaza with landscaping and seating areas.  A total of 932 vehicular parking spaces would be provided at the mezzanine (podium) level, ground-floor level, and in one subterranean level.  Vehicular and pedestrian access would b provided from all sides of the project site.  

The project would be built in two phases.  Phase I would build the 700 Plaza and commence construction in August 2020 for a two-year period.  Phase II would build the 800 Plaza and commence construction in August 2024 for a two-year period.  

The project plans (September 2018) are provided below.  PLEASE NOTE: These plans will be revised at a future date, as needed, to reflect staff comments on the proposed project.  

T-1.1 Title Sheet
L-1.0 Landscape Concept - Ground Plan
L-2.00 Second Floor Courtyard Concept
A-1.1 Master Site Plan
A-1.2 Topographic Map
A-1.3 Open Space Site Plan / Calculation
A-2.1 Master Ground Floor Plan
A-2.2 Master Mezz. Level Plan
A-2.3 Master 2nd Level Floor Plan
A-2.4 Master Upper Floor Plan
A-2.5 Master Roof Plan
A-2.6 Master Basement Level
A-3.1 700 Plaza Elevations
A-3.2 700 Plaza Elevations
A-3.3 800 Plaza Elevations
A-3.4 800 Plaza Elevations
A-4.1 700 Plaza Enlarged Ground Floor Plan
A-4.2 700 Plaza Enlarged Mezz. Level Plan
A-4.3 700 Plaza Enlarged 2nd Floor Plan
A-4.4 700 Plaza Enlarged 3rd-5th Floor Plan
A-4.5 700 Plaza Enlarged Roof Plan
A-4.6 800 Plaza Enlarged Ground Floor Plan
A-4.7 800 Plaza Enlarged Mezz. Level Plan
A-4.8 800 Plaza Enlarged 2nd Floor Plan
A-4.9 800 Plaza Enlarged 3rd-5th Floor Plan
A-4.10 800 Plaza Enlarged Roof Plan
A-5.1 700 Plaza Sections
A-5.2 700 Plaza Sections
A-5.3 700 Plaza Sections
A-5.4 800 Plaza Sections
A-5.5 800 Plaza Sections
A-5.6 800 Plaza Sections
A-6.1 Typical Units
A-6.2 Typical Units
A-6.3 Typical Units

For more information, please contact the project planner: Tracy Steinkruger, Planning Manager at (626) 308-2806 or via email at tsteinkruger@sgch.org