Public Records

The City of San Gabriel is committed to providing reasonable access to all public records, with the exception of those documents exempt from disclosure by express provisions of law or considered confidential or privileged under the law. 

In accordance with the Public Records Act, the City has 10 calendar days to respond to any request for public documents by indicating whether or not the document(s) exists and/or making the documents available. Please keep in mind black and white copies are charged $0.23 per letter-sized page and $0.45 per colored letter-sized page. Please refer to of our Fee Schedule for Fiscal Year 2023-2024.

Readily Available Public Records

Public records are available for the community to view during regular business hours. Below is a list of some of the records that are currently available on this website: 

How to Request a Public Record

The City of San Gabriel hopes to ensure that all requests are handled in a prompt and appropriate manner, and so encourages public records requests be submitted in writing. Please see below for the public records request procedure. 

  1. Complete the Public Records Request Form. Please be as specific as possible in requesting documents. Non-specific inquired may cause delay in response times. 
  2. The City Clerk's Department will process your request and respond to you within 10 calendar days of receiving the form. You will also be informed of any reproduction charges.

If you would like to review the original documents at the City Clerk's Department, please contact us at (626) 308- 2816, by e-mailing, or by post: 425 S. Mission Drive, San Gabriel, CA 91776.

More Information on the Public Records Act

The California Public Records Act (California Government Code §6250 et. seq.) provides the public with important rights to obtain access to records held by public agencies in the state.

Senate Bill 272

Approved on October 11, 2015, the Senate Bill 272 adds a section to the California Public Records Act requiring local agencies to create a catalog of Enterprise Systems with annual updates. 

An enterprise system is a software application or computer system that collects, stores, exchanges, and analyzes information that the agency uses that is both of the following:

    • A multi-departmental system or a system that contains information collected about the public.
    • A system that serves as an original source of data within the agency.

An “enterprise system” does not include any of the following:

    • Information Technology security systems, including firewalls, and other cybersecurity systems.
    • Physical access control systems, employee identification management systems, video monitoring, and other physical control systems.
    • Infrastructure and mechanical control systems, including those that control or manage. street lights, electrical, natural gas or water or sewer functions.
    • Systems related to 911 dispatch and operation or emergency services.
    • Systems that would be restricted from disclosure by §6254.19.
    • The specific records that the information technology system collects, stores, exchanges or analyze.

Catalog of Enterprise Systems

 Department Vendor Product Purpose Description Data Collected
 FinanceTyler TechnologiesEden in Forum GoldFinancial SystemRevenues, expenditures, vendors, checks, purchase ordersDailyDaily
Building and SafetyCodeKick ABKanban FlowPermit and Plan Review ActivitiesBuilding permit and plan check applications: type, process, time, address, valuation, fees paid.DailyDaily
 PlanningMicrosoftExcelTrack planning development applicationsBanner permits, sign permits, tenant improvements, tree deposits, carwash permits, and underground water requestDailyDaily
Neighborhood Improvement Services MicrosoftExcelTrack open cases and permitsNIS cases, tree permits, water quality violationsDailyDaily