Strategic Plan


What is the Strategic Plan?

The strategic plan is a simple statement of how we see ourselves as a community and an organization, what we seek to accomplish, and what our key priorities are for the next three to five years.

Our strategic plan consists of the following components:

  • Vision

    • How do we see ourselves as an organization? 
  • Mission Statement 

    • In a simple statement, what is it that this organization seeks to accomplish? 
  • Fundamental Values

    • What are the fundamental values that we hold most dear as an organization? 
  • Strategic Directions

    • There are hundreds of activities that a city government is required to accomplish. But which of these are the most critical for us to achieve if we are to fulfill our mission? Those are the strategic directions. 
  • Action Plan

    • What are the key actions that we must undertake over the next three to five years to accomplish our mission?