Greening the Code

Council to Consider Ordinance in January

Greening the code


Greening the Code is an effort to make San Gabriel’s zoning code “greener” by promoting development practices that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The City was awarded a $125,000 grant from the Southern California Association of Governments to complete the project and has selected Dyett & Bhatia Urban and Regional Planners and Mia Lehrer + Associates Landscape Architects to draft the amendments.


"Greening the Code" is being adopted through two separate ordinances, Ordinance 601 C.S. and Ordinance 608 C.S.  Ordinance 601 C.S. deals with landscaping and open space requirements, while Ordinance 608 C.S. amends municipal code sections addressing parking requirements, development standards and land uses.  Ordinance 601 C.S. was adopted by Council and became effective on April 4, 2014.  Ordinance 608 was adopted by Council and became effective on June 20, 2014.

The project received both a 2014 SCAG Sustainability Award and a 2014 Innovation in Green Community Planning Award from the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Planning Association.


Ordinance 601 C.S.
Ordinance 608 C.S.

 Fang-zhou Zhou, Assistant Planner

Notice of Intent to Adopt a Negative Declaration

Initial Study

Proposed Channel Design Guidelines

Council Study Session Presentation

Greening the Code Diagnostic Report Recommendations Checklist

Greening the Code Summary Sheet

San Gabriel Code Assessment Report

Workshop Presentation

Workshop Results