Business Alert Network

San Gabriel Police Department Business Alert Network (B.A.N.)
  • The Business Alert Network (B.A.N.) program was created by the San Gabriel Police Department to assist and protect our local merchants and the customers who visit daily.

  • The concept of B.A.N. is based on the Neighborhood Watch Program that is currently in effect in San Gabriel. The purpose of the B.A.N. program is to:

  • Increase awareness and cooperation between merchants.

  • Provide merchants and their employees with information on Crime Prevention techniques and to create a Crime Prevention oriented business community.

  • Improve the lines of communication between the merchants of San Gabriel and the San Gabriel Police Department.

  • Become involved in "BAN", a program that will open a source of Crime Prevention information via the telephone, mail, E-mail for Fax..

  • To send a clear message to criminals that the merchants of San Gabriel are not easy targets.

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