Major Divisions

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Major Divisions

Office of the Chief of Police
The Administration Division, under the direct command of the Chief of Police is responsible for overseeing the Department's policies and procedures, providing the internal and external communication regarding Department matters and events.
Patrol Division
Patrol officers respond to all calls for service from the community. Some of the situations handled daily by patrol officers are: traffic collisions, disturbances, domestic violence incidents, crime reports and checking out suspicious persons and vehicles. Click here for more information on the Patrol Division.
Investigations Division
The Investigations Division investigates a wide range of crimes, including crimes against persons, burglary, fraud, identity theft, narcotics violations, juvenile offenses, and a host of others. Click here for more information on the Investigations Division.
Administrative Services Division
The Administrative Services Division is comprised to the Records Bureau, Employment and Background Information, Ride-alongs and Dance Permits. Click here for more information on the Administrative Services Division.