Service Provider
 Phone Number
 Additional Details
 Cable  Charter Spectrum  888-438-2427 Charter Spectrum is the cable television provider in San Gabriel.
 Electricity   Southern Calif. Edison   800-990-7788 Call with questions related to service connection / disconnection, or to report power outages and burned out street lights. 
 Gas  So. California Gas   800-427-2200  Call with questions relating to natural gas service and trouble.
 Phone  AT&T  800-310-2355 AT&T is the phone service provider in San Gabriel.
 Trash  Athens Disposal Company  626-336-6100 Rubbish collection services are contracted by the city of San Gabriel with Athens Disposal Company.
 Tree  Public Works  626-308-2825 The tree planted in between the sidewalk and curb is owned by the city. Contact Public Works for any tree related questions or concerns.
 Water  County Water District  626-287-0341 Although there are five water agencies serving San Gabriel, most water service is provided by the County. This link shows the service areas.