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An Initial Study / Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND) has been prepared for the proposed Symphony at San Gabriel project at 824 South Gladys Avenue.  The proposed project would develop the site with a 197-unit assisted living facility on an approximately 3.08-acre site.  The site would contain a combination of senior independent living units, assisted living units, and memory care units.  The proposed project requires approval of a Planned Development and Tentative Parcel Map by the City Council and a Precise Plan of Design by the Design Review Commission. An IS/MND has been proposed project could have a significant effect on the environment, there will not be a significant effect because revisions/mitigations measures have been made by or agreed to by the project applicant.  Information related to the IS/MND can be found below:

Notice of Intent to Adopt Mitigated Negative Declaration
Initial Study
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Appendix E
Appendix F
Appendix G
Appendix H
Appendix I
Appendix J

The public review period for the IS/MND will begin on May 21, 2018 and end of June 11, 2018 at 5:00 p.m.  The Planning Commission will consider adopting the IS/MND as part of their consideration of the proposed project at a future public hearing (date TBD).  


  • Calling the project planner: Tracy Steinkruger, Planning Manager at (626) 308-2806 ext. 4623
  • View the IS/MND online (provided above).  You can email comments to
  • View the IS/MND in person at the Planning Division public counter.  Please submit all written comments to the Planning Division, located at City Hall, 425 S. Mission Drive, San Gabriel CA 91776 or by mail at P.S. Box 130, San Gabriel, CA 91778.  


The Planning Division works to help create and enhance a vibrant city by respecting the City’s diverse and distinct neighborhoods, promoting a prosperous economy, and providing a forum for community engagement.

The Division is committed to developing creative and practical solutions to help achieve a city that is sustainable and a great place to live, work, or play. The Division also helps to protect property rights and preserve both the environment and our valued history.

The Planning Division is responsible for:

  • Developing long range plans to achieve creative and innovative solutions to challenges. Plans may be city-wide, like the General Plan Ingredients for Success, or apply to a smaller area like the Mission District Specific Plan or the Valley Boulevard Neighborhoods Sustainability Plan;
  • Implementing the community vision expressed in the plans through development review, zoning compliance, and resource conservation initiatives;
  • Helping applicants make property improvements, build new homes, or open new businesses;
  • Facilitating public outreach and notification for large new development;
  • Engaging the community in preparing plans and special studies;
  • Preserving the community character through historic preservation; and
  • Providing focus and coordination for San Gabriel Goes Green and other sustainability initiatives.