Buy Local Campaign

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy Local

Keep San Gabriel Unique

San Gabriel is a historically significant and diverse community which sets it apart from other cities in Southern California. The majority of our businesses are one-of-a-kind, independent businesses that make our shopping choices diverse and distinctive. Cities who embrace their unique character have shown to have an economic advantage.

Put Your Taxes to Good Use and Keep Money in the Neighborhood

For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $45 stays in the local economy, creating jobs and expanding the city’s tax base. For every $100 spent at a national chain or franchise store, only $14 remains in the community.

Buying locally ensures that your sales taxes are reinvested into San Gabriel which in turn help pay for services including neighborhood parks, infrastructure improvements, emergency services, and our children’s education.

Get Better Service

Local business often hire people who have a higher level of expertise and take more time to get to know customers and therefore provide better customer care by giving special attention to each patron they serve.

Create More Local Jobs

Local businesses provide jobs for residents and are one of the largest employers nationwide. Additionally, local businesses offer greater loyalty to their employees and often offer better wages and benefits than chains do.

Help the Environment

Buying locally reduces your carbon footprint. Local stores help encourage vibrant, compact, and walkable communities that require less travel which means less traffic, reduced air pollutants, and helps conserve land.  

Get the Products that You Want

A marketplace of thousands of small businesses helps to ensure more innovation and competition, and lower prices over the long term. They often carry a wider array of unique products that are not determined by a national sales plan but based on what the community wants.

Encourage Entrepreneurship & Local Prosperity

Research shows that entrepreneurs and experienced workers will more likely live and invest in communities that preserve the characteristics of locally owned businesses.

Support Community Groups

Local businesses on average support non-profits at a higher rate than big businesses. They are more likely to give back to the community and encourage entrepreneurial growth.

Invest in the Community

Local business owners live in the community they serve; this lessens the possibility of moving and increases their assets in the future of the community.

A Greater Sense of Community

Buying local gives you the opportunity to meet your neighbors, make new friends and try something new! The diversity of San Gabriel allows you to have an adventure in your own backyard!