Bell Awards

What are the Bell Awards?

The City of San Gabriel established the Bell Awards to honor local projects that have improved the city’s economic and architectural vitality. The Bell Awards will recognize designers, architects, and property owners who have created or constructed exceptional buildings that promote and improve the unique character of San Gabriel’s residential and commercial neighborhoods.

Awards are given out on a biennial basis. This year, the city will honor newly constructed or remodeled structures built within city limits since January 2015.

Structures will be judged on the following:

  • The Revised 2010 Commercial Design Guidelines highlighting Balance Rhythm, Integrity, Detail, Substance, Transition and Character.
  • The Revised 2010 Single-Family Residential Design Guidelines highlighting Shelter, Balance, Integrity, Detail, Substance, Transition and Character.
  • The Revised 2010 Multi-Family Residential Design Guidelines highlighting Shelter, Transition, Balance, Detail, Rhythm, Integrity, Substance and Character.

Historic Preservation/Conservation

The Martin E. Weil Historic Preservation Award honors individuals and/or organizations whose contributions demonstrate excellence in historic preservation or conservation.

Types of projects that may be considered for an award include the following:

  • Projects which implement the Cultural Resources chapter of the 2004 Comprehensive General Plan, Ingredients for Success.
  • Projects which implement the historic preservation and cultural resource provisions of the Mission District Specific Plan.
  • Projects which implement, or further the city’s implementation of, the Mills Act as a cultural resource preservation tool.
  • Projects which advance the city’s efforts to survey and document historic resources.
  • Projects which advance neighborhood conservation, particularly with regard to cultural resources.
  • Projects which incorporate adaptive reuse to ensure the successful preservation of buildings, structures, landscapes, engineering features, and other cultural resources.
  • Planning efforts which seek to protect the distinctive historic character of a building, cultural resource, cultural landscape, or neighborhood.
  • Projects which explore those cultural resource issues that expand community knowledge of the city’s diversity in all its form.
  • Projects which advance the city’s efforts to educate the community about San Gabriel’s history and the value of historic preservation as a tool to strengthen neighborhoods and communities.


All entries will be evaluated by a panel of judges not employed by the City of San Gabriel. Winners will be honored at a City Council meeting in the fall. The winners will receive a recognition certificate and their accomplishments will be highlighted in the City of San Gabriel’s Grapevine quarterly newsletter.

To submit a project for consideration in the Bell Awards, submit a nomination form to the Community Development Department by email to or at City Hall, 425 S Mission Drive.